Busty Girl Problems

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Anonymous asked: This isn't really a problem, just a story I'd like to share. I was with my baby cousin and she loves to dance. I was dancing with her and when she does she likes to hop around but while jumping I would my breasts just so they won't go wild. Well I guess my cousin was copying me because I would look down and she would also be holding her chest. xD

d’awwww! that is too adorable :) thx for sharin’, girlie!

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Anonymous asked: Your blog makes me sad. I have no boobs. I shall pass it along to my busty friends though cause it is still a good blog.

Don’t be sad, gurl! Your body is just perfect the way it is :)

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shadowuser13 asked: Was the cringe from busty girl problem 31 a good thing or a bad thing?

I cringed because I imagined my boo doing that to me and my boobies literally started ACHING. *cringe*

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grey-marsh asked: I don't know if anyone has mentioned this (I'm a recent follower and haven't seen everything), but I HATE when you take your bra off but there is still imprints on your shoulders and around your torso from where it dug into your skin in its attempts to keep your boobs up. I feel like no matter what brand I try I always have this problem....

Oh yes, girlie! Right here~