Busty Girl Problems

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jaceismylife asked: I am 13 almost 14 and I already have a D cup. I get so much crap for it and teasing from my flat chested friends. I'm really insecure about them and p.e. With no sports bra and guys r hell. Did u have this problem too? If so how did u endure this hell?

mine didn’t really come in until my junior year of high school (i was a B cup until 16~17) so i can’t even imagine the obnoxious attention you’ve had to deal with. that really sucks. the only advice i can offer is that you be confident in yourself. if you can’t take pride in who you are, fake it til u make it. otherwise those horny lil dweeb boys will never leave you alone. the girls are probably just jealous/insecure about not having filled out yet. it’s probably best to kill them with kindness. that way everyone wins. hope this is helpful, bb grl. :)

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if someone on your news dashboard posts something about being unattractive, please tell them they are beautiful (with some pizazz, of course).

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trunksette asked: OMG! We are/wear the exact same size!! :'D They really should make bandsizes smaller than 32. ;__;

They do make them. They’re just hella expensive and rare as steak.

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boringthemes asked: do i lose boobs if i lose weight?

idk gurl it all depends on your body. some people lose their boobs, some don’t, and some get bigger boobs (idk how that works out). i’ve heard that, for some ladies, weight lifting centers breasts and they APPEAR bigger but i think, for the most part, breasts stay the same size.

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Anonymous asked: Dear chica that runs this blog: What's your actual boob size? I'm a 36DDD

My waistband is 28. I wear 32D/DDs and pin them. I guess that makes me a 28E/F? idk 32C is too small so I figure I’m bigger than a 28DD…

None of my bras fit and I have no $$$ to buy new ones. I make do with my Frankenstein bra set up but lately I’ve been wearing bras without underwires or simply going braless, neither of which are bad.

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Anonymous asked: i think you should post more often or add a admin

I’m tryin’ ma hardest! Flib flabbit!!